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Film & TV Trade Preview

Film & TV Trade Preview (FTTP) is a popular fortnightly film trade magazine (Registrar News Paper of India No. MAHENG/2009/28491) for marketing and promotion. It was launched in the year of 2009, with the objectives of promoting the well deserve talents of Indian film industry, marketing the good content of the films and television, covering the unbiased news, box office reports, reviews, and interviews. The reach of the FTTP is not restricted to the Hindi film industry, but to India's regional film industries. It has been a favourite magazine among film producers, directors, actors, technicians, distributors and exhibitors. The widest distribution network ensures that FTTP magazine reaches not only the film community, but it also quenches the thirst of the common people.

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Ravi Kumar- Actor, Producer, Publisher and Journalist.


Ravi Kumar
Actor, Producer, Publisher, and Journalist.

Ravi Kumar is a well-known personality of the Mumbai Film Fraternity and is actively involved in many activities in the film industry over the last 20 years. First, he is a passionate theatre and film actor, then film producer, executive producer (Balaji Telefilms), distributor, journalist and publisher. Born and raised in Delhi, he came to Mumbai in the year 2000 with the dream to be an actor. He grew in popularity by playing in Zameer a series broadcast on Doordarshan and produced by Mukta Telefilms. He played in many series, to name a few: Sankat Mochan Mahabali Hanuman, Yeh Rishta Kya Kahlata Hai, CID, Shapath, and many more. He has also starred in movies like Adrishay (It's on Netflix now), Chalk n Duster (Juhi Chawla, Shabana Aazmi and Jakie Shroff), Vovtal (Marathi), Miss U Miss (Marathi), and Project Marathwada. He produced a Hindi feature film called Adrishay that was theatrically released in 2018 under his banner School Bunkers Entertainment (Reg. under Western India Film Producers Association). Interested in journalism, he began publishing a film magazine called Film & TV Trade Preview (Indian Govt. Approved) in 2009 by which he won many honours in Bollywood's film industry. He is the founder of the NRI Achievers Awards in honour of the Indian diaspora. Strong in publishing, he has come up with an innovative and determined publication entitled High Flyers 50. As a producer, he is also working on a TV series and a big Bollywood Award Show which are at the early stages.


Rita Singh (United Kingdom)
Founder of Jamun UK

Founder of Jamun UK, a women’s fashion brand inspired by colours, styles, weaves, designs and rich heritage of Indian sub-continent. A brand that originally targeted Indian diaspora in North England has now transformed itself to offer fusion fashion styles and has a worldwide customer base spanning across UK, Europe, USA and Canada.

Rita is a social entrepreneur; her aim is building a business that has social ethos at heart and helps support and sustain small traditional artisan and craftsmen. Jamun's product portfolio comprises of hand-crafted items, manufactured, or created using environment friendly raw materials and methods. Jamun's product range consists of women fashion products such as ethnic Indian dresses, fusion wear, shawls, scarves & stoles, jewellery, handbags & purses, and soft home furnishings.

Rita has been organising fashion events and exhibitions across UK to promote her brand and has received overwhelming response for her products, quality and for promoting ethical and sustainable business practices. She has held major exhibitions across cities such as Leeds, London, Birmingham, Stafford, Manchester, Bournemouth, and Preston.

Rita is also active within community, sponsoring and organising events that help bring together Indian diaspora in United Kingdom. These include charity and fund-raising events and social festive events such as Diwali, Holi, Baisakhi, and New Year.

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Rita Singh - Founder of Jamun UK

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The High Flyers 50 is a unique platform where we discover global individuals and organisations who deserve to be honoured and recognized for their achievements. We honour 50 people from different or specific domains in a very distinguished way. The 50 winners receive High Flyers 50 awards and certifications. To make it last forever and to keep the record written, we also publish a classy and hip Coffee Table Book covering the fascinating success stories of all 50 accomplished. The book is available on eBooks platforms. The awards evening and book launch ceremony take place in a 5-star hotel's ballroom in the presence of many famous dignitaries and guests. To make these stories inspirational for the society and to give these High Flyers a due respect and recognition, we promote them extensively through the publicity in the international print, television, digital and social media platforms.

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Our Goal

The primary objective of the NRI Achievers Awards is to extend appreciation, recognition, and admiration to the Indian diaspora who have left their homeland and toiled relentlessly in their respective fields to make a significant impact. Throughout history, Indians have consistently demonstrated their expertise in various domains, including business, skilled professions, and education, in countries worldwide. Their unwavering commitment, talent, perseverance, and integrity have not only brought them tremendous success but have also garnered immense respect for the Indian community on a global scale. The wealth of success stories among these Non-resident Indians is something that all Indians should be aware of.

Our overarching mission is to bestow the NRI Achievers Awards upon these exceptional individuals of Indian origin, thereby acknowledging their remarkable achievements. Through this recognition, we aspire to inspire and boost their self-esteem.

Given our strong presence in the media industry, Film & TV Trade Preview sees it as a responsibility to share the inspiring success stories of these NRIs with the Indian audience. We believe that by celebrating their accomplishments, we can motivate others and contribute to enhancing the collective self-esteem of the Indian community.